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Drift0r Takes on Red Magic 3

Watch Drift0r’s in-depth unboxing at 11:00AM CEST and keep an eye out for a giveaway!

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Take the challenge and get the temperature down to 34°C.

You can play but there's no more prizes left and the leaderboard won't refresh!

Target TEMP: 34℃

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    • 42℃
    • 46℃
    • 50℃

    Ice cold!

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    To celebrate the arrival of the world’s first fan-cooled smartphone, we’re giving away discount vouchers for the Red Magic 3. Plus, a personalized t-shirt for our top ten best players.

    To claim yours, test your skills in our web game: Beat the Heat.


    Your challenge is to get the temperature down to a better degree for gaming.

    Click on the cooling fan to make it spin faster. The faster it spins, the lower the temperature gets.

    Keep clicking as fast as possible until the temperature gets down to 34°C from 50°C. The aim of the game is to do this in the shortest amount of time. In other words, the fastest fans are the winners!

    Cold as Ice (1st – 10th place): $50 off the Red Magic 3 + Personalized Red Magic T-Shirt

    Super Chill (11th – 25th place): $20 off the Red Magic 3

    Pretty Cool (26th – 50th): $10 off the Red Magic 3

    You get 3 tries. But you can score more chances to play when you share the campaign with your friends.


    1. 1).The game is open to all but to claim your voucher code you must live in a location that we ship to. Please see our website FAQs for a full list of locations.

    2. 2).All players get 3 tries, and can score more chances to play by sharing the game using the social media share links on the game page.

    3. 3).Participants must create a valid account. Multiple accounts and bots are not allowed. If the system recognizes that any user accounts are invalid, the plays will be removed and may even result in disqualification. Red Magic reserves the right to disqualify any candidate should any other irregularities occur.

    4. 4).The campaign begins on May 13th 12PM and ends May 20th 12PM (CEST).

    5. 5).We will announce the winners on May 21th on our website and social media channels.

    6. 6).Red Magic reserves to change the Terms and Conditions at any point during the campaign.

    Rank Name Score

    The answer will be revealed in a stream on 05/31.

    Stamina Survival