The RedMagic 5G is almost here! Pre-orders start on April 14th with an exclusive offer. Stay tuned!

REDMAGIC Mars now available globally.

Here’s why you want one:

It’s time for a premium gaming smartphone — without the premium price tag. We’re beyond excited to announce that the RedMagic Mars is now available for purchase at, starting at just $399.

Head on over to the RedMagic Mars Store Page to buy yours today!

So why is the Mars the best smartphone for gamers? Glad you asked.

Innovative Hybrid Cooling

Liquid cooling? Air cooling? Why not both? In a world-first, the RedMagic Mars combines active vapor cooling and four air circulation chambers for superior heat dissipation. Extreme gaming power, but cool to the touch.

Built-in Gamepad

Touchscreen controls work in a pinch, but hardcore games require a lot of buttons. Luckily, the Mars features two touch-sensitive shoulder buttons that you can custom-map for a competitive edge.

RedMagic Game Space

It’s a gaming console - in your pocket. Flip a switch and enter Game Space, where you can organize your games, tweak performance settings, block interruptions, and more.

Three letters: RGB

Show your true colors and customize the Mars’ rear-facing RGB strip. With 16.8 million colors and several mesmerizing lighting effects, it may be overkill. But it’s really fun overkill.

Android 9.0 (Pie)

The Mars ships with the latest version of Android. And it’s clean, too. No bloatware, no pre-installed games, no overbearing skins. It’s your phone - use it how you want to.


With the RedMagic Mars, it’s Gametime. Anytime. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about the ludicrous specs and awesome gaming features (and buy your own RedMagic Mars now) over at the official store:



Gaming is just better on Mars.