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REDMAGIC 7 Pro review - A Gaming Console in Your Pocket

If you’re looking for a premium smartphone with the power of a gaming console, look no further than the Red magic 7 pro. This beastly smartphone’s innovative design, impressive performance, and unique style makes it the best mobile gaming phone on the current market.


What makes playing games on your console an enjoyable experience? Sure, games are fun; but if your controller has two broken joysticks and your TV flickers on and off every 14 seconds, you probably wouldn’t be having the time of your life. Quality, reliable parts are important for gaming, and REDMAGIC knows that well.


Shoulder triggers for FPS teardowns, a vibrant AMOLED display, and seriously performant hardware—here’s a look at the Red magic 7 pro.


Design: Powerful Presentation

Whether you prefer the volcanic-rock-inspired Obsidian or transparent Supernova edition, there’s no arguing that the Red magic 7 pro is an eye-catching smartphone. Its collection of colorful LED lights will instantly grab your attention, but the phone’s 6.8-inch, extra bright, and vibrant AMOLED display will keep it. Not only will your favorite mobile games look much better than what you’re used to with its buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate, but you’ll also be surprised at how easy it is to become immersed in your games while listening to the Red magic 7 pro’s DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound-powered stereo speakers.


Yes, this smartphone was clearly designed for dedicated mobile gaming, but the enhanced visuals and sound system also make this a top pick for frequent travelers and anyone who’d enjoy watching their favorite video streaming apps at a level of quality you don’t see with lesser devices.


Although the Red magic 7 pro is shielded by a heavy-duty aluminum LED-lined shell and integrated screen protector, this uniquely designed smartphone also includes its own sturdy rubberized protective case.


It was as I was putting the case on that I realized how convenient it is to house the camera in the middle of the device (as seen below) instead of the top corner like many modern phones. This allows users to comfortably hold the Red magic 7 pro like a gaming controller without worrying about smudging its lenses as you tap its responsive shoulder triggers.


Speaking of its 64MP ultra-high-resolution AI triple camera setup, the Red magic 7 pro takes beautiful 4K video, features a sharp 16MP front-facing camera hidden just underneath its AMOLED display, and is loaded with a range of useful photo editing tools that makes getting perfect pics a snap.


Mobile gamers who prefer online games should note that the Red magic 7 pro sports the smoothest multi-finger touchscreen controls I’ve ever used. These were only enhanced by the shoulder triggers and haptic feedback rumble I felt from their respective dual X-axis linear motors with every tap.


Fast-paced competitive games like Pokémon Unite and Dead by Daylight Mobile felt far more responsive and fluid with the Red magic 7 pro’s innovative setup as opposed to other mobile gaming devices I have previously tested. I had to pull myself away from playing more of my favorite games to write this review.


It’s a good thing that the Red magic 7 pro is back at full power remarkably quickly when paired with its included 65W charger, it’s all too easy to blow through battery life while playing games at their highest performance settings. I will note that you will enjoy excellent battery life when the Red magic 7 pro is used as a normal phone or while playing games with its “eco-friendly” energy-saving settings enabled.


There are tons of specialized tools built into the Red magic 7 pro that set it apart from other phones. Mobile gamers will appreciate advanced cooling at the flick of the dedicated Turbofan switch, handy video recording and screenshot shortcuts, and a wealth of handy plugins, like a timer and customizable crosshair for aim assist. I found the Turbofan especially effective at keeping the smartphone frosty as I played, and there was no significant battery loss because the fan only pulls a little power from the phone’s battery.


What Makes a Gaming Phone Different from Other Phones?

Even its operating system, REDMAGIC OS v5.0 (based on Android 12), is a unique twist on the Android platform, but if you’re familiar with a modern smartphone, you will have no trouble navigating the Red magic 7 pro’s user-friendly layout.


As someone who prefers console games, I was particularly impressed at how much fun it was to wirelessly project my favorite mobile games to my 65-inch TV via the REDMAGIC Studio app.


I enjoyed playing competitively on the big screen without any slowdowns or drops in the projection’s 120FPS (frames per second) action, and it made it even easier to appreciate mobile games without having to look down at my phone! Players have the option to project their Red magic 7 pro’s display to a PC or TV via an HDMI or USB cord too.


A Few Minor Caveats

The Red magic 7 pro is a smash-hit for playing mobile games at their absolute best, but there are a few small caveats to keep in mind before you buy this impressive smartphone. The Red magic 7 pro is a relatively bulky and hefty device at 235 grams, but this design showcases its beautiful display, allows for plenty of space for a comfortable hand grip as you play, and houses the tech needed to run games smoothly.


The brilliantly implemented cooling system is activated at the flick of a switch on the Red magic 7 pro’s side, and it absolutely keeps the smartphone running cool under pressure, but its high-speed Turbofan emits a consistent TV static or whisper-like noise when activated.


Should You Buy the Red magic 7 pro?

The Red magic 7 pro is not for everyone; it’s a specialist smartphone best-suited for people who absolutely love mobile gaming along with its booming sound system, immersive display, and host of quality game-improving features.


All of the phone’s attributes blend perfectly to create a phone that thrills mobile gaming enthusiasts like myself. This level of quality sets the bar for mobile gaming going forward, making the Red magic 7 pro a must-own for playing fast-paced mobile games like League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or Spelunky 2.