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Discover How Mobile Gaming Helps You Learn Faster, and More Surprising Benefits

Discover How Mobile Gaming Helps You Learn Faster, and More Surprising Benefits

Did you know that indulging in mobile games isn’t just a pastime, but it could actually be a beneficial exercise for your brain? Contrary to the notion of wasting time, research from the University of Rochester reveals intriguing insights into the cognitive benefits related to mobile gaming. These findings shed light on the surprising advantages experienced by those who engage in such activities, suggesting that beyond mere entertainment, mobile games offer opportunities for mental stimulation and enhancement.

Keeping us entertained is just one of the effects mobile gaming has on our lives. We’re about to take a deep dive to explore the benefits of mobile gaming outside of mere entertainment, unveiling the fascinating ways in which our brains respond to this rapidly evolving form of digital entertainment.


The Science Behind It All


A series of studies by Daphne Bavelier, a neuroscience professor at the University of Rochester, found that the nature of action games fosters fast learning because the gamers are constantly tasked with trying to predict what comes next. In her research, the professor found that playing fast-paced action games sharpens this prediction skill by helping our brains build better models of the world. 

One experiment conducted by Professor Bavelier involved having two separate groups of people play video games for 50 hours over a period of nine weeks. Those who were playing fast-paced action games like Call of Duty were found to have improved their learning templates more than those who had been playing non-action games, like The Sims.

After the 50 hour gameplay experiment, the test subjects were given a learning task. Research shows that action gamers were able to develop and adjust their brain’s templates faster than non-action gamers, leading to better performance. Even months later, the action gamers still performed better, further proving that playing action games has a lasting positive impact on learning abilities. But what does this mean in the grand scheme of things?


How Mobile Gaming Enhances Learning Abilities 


Mobile gaming, and particularly the types of fast-paced action games enjoyed by REDMAGIC fans, can contribute to cognitive enhancement in the following ways:


Improved Spatial Awareness 


According to the study conducted by Professor Bavelier, action gamers tend to outperform non-action gamers on visual tasks, indicating that playing these games can improve pattern recognition and visual processing skills.  Because they’re able to develop and fine-tune mental templates for tasks more quickly, they have more spatial awareness and perform better in the face of a new challenge. 

In the real world, this can translate into having the ability to swerve away from danger when driving, or make better calculations and decisions when playing any type of sport.

Learn more about spatial intelligence.


Enhanced Problem Solving Skills


By becoming immersed in the fast-paced and dynamic challenges presented in these specific types of mobile games, individuals are effectively training their brains to anticipate and react to rapidly changing situations. This heightened level of engagement cultivates sharper prediction skills because players must continuously assess their surroundings, make split-second decisions, and adapt their strategies accordingly.


In the long run, people with enhanced problem solving skills deal with workplace challenges and personal finances better. They also tend to perform better at their creative and academic endeavors, and can navigate social situations relatively better.


The Advantages of Playing Mobile Games


In addition to enhancing problem solving skills and spatial intelligence, there are other benefits that come with mobile gaming, especially when compared with traditional console and PC games. 


It’s a Convenient Way to Relieve Stress 


Mobile gaming allows you to play anywhere and anytime, whether you’re traveling long distances, waiting in line, or unwinding in the comfort of your home. It can serve as a form of stress relief by providing an escape from the pressures of daily life at work or at school.


Mobile Games Are More Affordable 


A majority of the mobile games on the Google Play Store are free to play or relatively inexpensive, making gaming accessible to a wider range of people. This eliminates the need for expensive gaming consoles, controllers, game cards, monitors or screens.


REDMAGIC Embraces Learning 


The findings in the University of Rochester’s study highlight the unexpected impact mobile gaming can have on our cognitive abilities, offering a convenient and affordable means of both entertainment and mental stimulation. Embracing mobile gaming not only provides moments of enjoyment but also unlocks a wealth of surprising benefits for the mind. 

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