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How Much Power Is Enough? Introducing the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger

How Much Power Is Enough? Introducing the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger

Introducing the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger

Gaming power means nothing if you don’t have the charging capacity to back it up. So even though REDMAGIC gaming smartphones are packed with enough battery power to keep you going throughout the day, a rapid refueling speed is an absolute game-changer, especially for those who are always on the move. But how much power is enough?

Our latest offering, the new REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger delivers all the power you need in one place. Boasting the versatility of four charging ports with customizable power outputs, it’s perfect for charging your gaming gear in one go. 

Previously, our roster's most powerful charging bricks were the REDMAGIC 120W Quick Charger with a Type-C charging port and the REDMAGIC 100W Transparent Charger with four ports. We combined the versatility of the Transparent Charger with the enhanced charging output of the Quick Charger to bring you a charging solution that’s more beautiful and powerful than anything we’ve delivered in the past. 


The Ultimate All-in-one Charger


Get ready to revolutionize your charging experience with the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger, where power and style converge to take gaming to the next level. This bad boy is not your average charger; it's a powerhouse and a complete charging station with a unique transparent metal design. Let's explore the features that make it an absolute game-changer.


Four Ways to Power Up Your Gear


The REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger redefines charging with its powerhouse capabilities. Sporting a DC port delivering 20V/7.5A, it packs a whopping 150W of pure power, ideal for energizing power-hungry gaming laptops at lightning speed. According to the review on ChargerLAB, the charging station delivers up to 126W of power to a device like the MacBook Pro M1 Max with the MagSafe charger.  


REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger


It’s also fitted with two USB-C ports to form a dynamic charging duo that jointly offers 140W of power. This allows simultaneous charging of your gaming smartphone and controller at full throttle, ensuring everyone gets a slice of the charging pie. Not to be outdone, the solo USB-A port throws out a solid 30W punch, perfect for accessories that demand less power.



Keep Track of Your Power In Style


The brilliance of a customizable LCD screen provides real-time updates on your charging status, power input/output, and everything you need to know about the charging status of your tech. The side touch button, AC line, and vibrant RGB light strip add a touch of flair and gaming aesthetic to your charging station. 


REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger_Touch


As a bonus, you can connect to the charging station via Bluetooth and take absolute control of how it functions with the Goper app. Become the master of your charging domain, managing RGB lights and monitoring the charging status for each port in real time. Download the Goper app from the Google Play Store and rule the charging game like never before. 


Lightning Speed Charging Without the Fuss

The REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger supports PD3.1 fast-charging protocol and features the cutting-edge DAO All-GaN chip. What does this mean for the gamer? Brace yourself for lightning-fast charging speeds and a "dual-chip control that delivers outstanding thermal management. The advanced copper sheet and cooling gel work together seamlessly to keep your charging station cool, ensuring that your devices receive efficient power without the charger breaking a sweat.


Where to Get This Charging Masterpiece


The REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger is currently available in our online stores at €199 in Europe, MXN3,699 in Mexico, and $199 in the US and Canada. Additionally, from March 1 to March 31, 2024, you can join the ultimate charging revolution by snagging this powerhouse for a whole $20 less exclusively on our official website. Our complete retail package includes 1x USB-C to USB-C cable, 1x DC to DC cable, and the powerful 150W charging station.


All the Power You Need


So, how much power is enough? With the introduction of the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger, we answer this query with a resounding "all the power you need and more." It's not merely a brick, it's a complete charging station that marries power and style in a unique transparent metal design. Ready to embark on this charging revolution? Visit the official REDMAGIC store in your region and add the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger to your cart to elevate your gaming experience.