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The Science Behind Fast Charging and Charge Separation: How Your REDMAGIC Battery Is Made to Last

We’ve seen a lot of people on the Reddit forum and REDMAGIC social media pages with safety concerns around constantly fast charging their phone battery, with some even asking if REDMAGIC has some type of “slow charging” option to help preserve the battery life over time. The truth is, there are some risks that come with fast charging, but there is a way to get the most life out of your REDMAGIC battery and preserve it in the long run.

While concerns about fast charging’s impact on battery life are valid, knowing the process and precautions can alleviate worries. To answer the queries and put an end to the concerns, this article will help you understand the science behind fast charging and why it’s not as bad as it seems. We’ll also take a closer look at how the REDMAGIC charge separation feature works to help preserve your device’s battery so you don’t have to worry when gaming and charging at the same time.


How Does Smartphone Fast Charging Work?


To understand fast charging, we’ll start with the basics of battery charging. Cell phone batteries are made with specific voltage and current limits, which determine how fast they can charge safely. This is why some phones are advertised as having more charging capacity than others. Dual-cell lithium ion batteries like the ones used in REDMAGIC gaming smartphones improve general charging speeds by handling higher currents and reducing internal resistance. 

Fast charging isn’t a linear process that increases voltage and current randomly, it follows a cycle of constant current and a constant voltage. 


Phase One: Constant Current 

Essentially, “fast charging” occurs during this first phase. During the constant current phase, a fast charger pushes as much current as possible into the battery until it reaches its maximum voltage. The constant current phase is most effective when the battery is less than 50% full, but becomes less impactful as it approaches 80%. The constant current phase is the least harmful to the battery’s long-term health. 

Tech reviewer MKBHD compares the constant current phase to a sponge that can only hold so much water after initial exposure to moisture, and thereafter will start to leak. This would be the beginning of the constant voltage phase. 


Phase Two: Constant Voltage 

While the constant current phase may be most effective for quickly replenishing battery capacity, the constant voltage phase ensures that the battery is not overcharged, which could lead to overheating or damage. The constant voltage phase maintains the charging voltage while the current gradually decreases. As the battery approaches full capacity, the constant voltage phase becomes less impactful, and the charging process slows down. This phase is essential for optimizing the battery’s long-term health and performance, as it allows for a controlled and safe charging process.


A Fast Charger Is Safe to Use for Everything 


Using a charger with a higher wattage rating does not pose any harm to the phone's battery or disrupt its charging process in any adverse way. The phone will only draw the amount of power it needs, irrespective of the charger’s maximum output capacity. For instance, because the REDMAGIC 9 Pro has a fast charging capability of 80W, the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger would only feed it the maximum 80W until it reaches 50%, and thereafter slow down or enter the constant voltage phase. 

The massive charging capacity of the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger allows it to charge multiple devices like wireless controllers or headphones at the same time without ever compromising the power supply.


How REDMAGIC Protects Your Battery Even Further


It’s all good and well that fast charging and the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger allows you to always keep your battery topped up, but that doesn’t immediately eliminate the problems that come with fast charging. PCWorld advises that it’s best not to charge your phone when the battery is almost full, as this generates additional heat. Heat is the primary cause of battery degradation, and fast charging exacerbates this issue because higher currents lead to more heat

Battery degradation can also be caused by frequent charging which is common in the gaming community because of how much battery power the games use up. REDMAGIC gaming smartphones have a special charge separation feature that allows you to use your phone without using up any battery power, ultimately preserving the battery for longer.


REDMAGIC Charge Separation 


The REDMAGIC Charge Separation feature, more commonly known as bypass charging, is a feature that allows the device to draw power directly off the charger without using the battery’s stored energy. This means your phone functions normally, drawing power directly from the circuit instead of the battery. As a result, the battery level remains unchanged even during the most intense gaming session. When bypass charging is disabled, the device seamlessly returns to its regular operation, utilizing the battery as usual. 

This feature is beneficial for minimizing unnecessary battery usage and maximizing battery lifespan, while enjoying the convenience of playing mobile games on the move when there’s no power source available.


Here’s to a Long Life of Gaming 


By harnessing advanced charging technologies and incorporating features like charge separation, REDMAGIC prioritizes both performance and battery health, ensuring that you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences without compromising on battery longevity. We hope that understanding the science behind fast charging and charge separation has shed light on how REDMAGIC ensures the longevity of its batteries and your gaming experience.