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Who’s the Better Gamer? Apple iPhone 15 or REDMAGIC 8S Pro

Who’s the Better Gamer? Apple iPhone 15 or REDMAGIC 8S Pro

REDMAGIC 8S Pro vs iPhone 15 Comparison

Shopping for your next gaming companion is a process that involves extensive research and comparisons to find just the right device for you. To make the journey a little easier, we’re putting two of the best devices up against each other to help you determine which one should be your gaming smartphone of choice. 


Based on your queries and questions on social platforms and communities, as well as the announcement that the latest Apple could be dipping its toes in crazy gaming capabilities, we’ve decided to do a side-by-side comparison of the gaming performance of the REDMAGIC 8S Pro and the Apple iPhone 15.


Let’s Talk About the Display

REDMAGIC 8S Pro vs iPhone 15 Comparison

Aside from the sharp details and brightness delivered by the Super Retina XDR displays on the devices, Tom’s Guide has described Apple’s decision to retain the 60 Hz screen refresh rate on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus as “unacceptable” in 2023. For gaming, the reviewer says the device lacks the smoothness he’s become familiar with in other phones, and it’s hard to get past it. 


On the other hand, the 120 Hz refresh rate delivered by the REDMAGIC 8S Pro’s 6.8-inch panel is described as “a good screen” by the same reviewers. It comes with the added benefit of no cut-outs and notches that could get in the way of your gaming, and Tom’s Guide thinks it's one of the best gaming phones you can buy right now.


What About Gaming Enhancements?


REDMAGIC devices are some of the few that incorporate dedicated enhancements like game-focused shoulder triggers that deliver up to 520 Hz of customizable control for shooting, maneuvering, and completely taking over the battlefield. The shoulder triggers are described by GSM Arena as one of the best gaming features on the REDMAGIC 8S Pro, providing an excellent experience in FPS games and racing. 


The iPhone 15 has no gaming enhancements or features that are worth mentioning, however, GSM Arena commends Apple for its industry-leading haptic engine and feedback that delivers a satisfying typing experience that could be appreciated in a game.


Can It Take the Heat?

REDMAGIC 8S Pro vs iPhone 15 Comparison

It’s been established that the overheating issues surrounding the iPhone 15 series were related to the functionality of iOS 17 and not the physical design of the devices. However, this could drive gamers to wonder if the iPhone 15 will be able to take the heat during extended gaming sessions, especially if they ever need to charge and play at the same time. 


Thankfully, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro has a built-in cooling mechanism whose sole purpose is to ensure that the gamer is always having a cool experience. The gaming beast has been reported to maintain a steady temperature of no more than 34°C after playing for a total of 1 hour 44 minutes, according to Geek Culture


What Are the Benchmark Scores?

REDMAGIC 8S Pro vs iPhone 15 Comparison

While it may not be as powerful as the one inside the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the A16 Bionic chip delivers adequate power for mobile gaming. According to the benchmark scores reported on Kimovil, the iPhone 15 has an Antutu benchmark that’s better than 98% of smartphones at 1,470,000. 


This, however, is no match for the REDMAGIC 8S Pro which scored 1.713.658 on the Antutu benchmark test, making it better than 99% of smartphones. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 is given a new life in the gaming smartphone where it gets an extra helping hand from the Red Core 2 gaming chip.


So Who’s the Better Gamer?


So, who is the better gamer? Is it the iPhone 15 with a Super Retina XDR display and 60 Hz refresh rate, awesome haptic feedback, and a 1.470 Antutu benchmark score? Or could it be the REDMAGIC 8S Pro with a notch-less 120 Hz display, 520 Hz game-focused shoulder triggers, and a 1.713 benchmark score on Antutu? We hope that this detailed comparison has provided you with a clear understanding of the unique gaming features and capabilities offered by these two leading devices. Share your thoughts with us on REDMAGIC social media platforms and the official REDMAGIC subreddit.