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A More Refined Look

Silver: Platinum
Transparent Black: Aurora
Black: Midnight

Fastest Snapdragon Ever

6000 mAh Dual Battery System

The Game’s Most Advanced Full-Screen

Re-engineered ICE 12.0 Thermal Control

520 Hz Dual Wing Triggers

960Hz Sampling Rate

Quality Audio Experience


Slowing Down Logos
Is Not an Option

A Processor That's Even Faster

The Leading Version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is overclocked and enhanced for lightspeed movement on screen and on the battlefield.

3.36 GHz

CPU Frequency
From 3.2 GHz to

719 MHz

GPU Running Speed
From 680 MHz to

Leading Version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2


Performance Improved


Speed Rate



UFS 4.0 Read Speed


Speed: 100% faster

UFS 4.0 vs UFS 3.1

*Above data from REDMAGIC Labs

Frame Stability Guaranteed

During a two-hour game, the frame rate remains stable at 59.9FPS to ensure vivid display quality that is consistent throughout.

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Gaming Test

Game Comparison Video

Nothing gets you off your game like a lagging display. The ultra-rapid 120Hz screen refresh rate ensures that you don't miss a beat by delivering the smoothest transition between each frame.

REDMAGIC 8S Pro vs Other Android Phone

*Above data from REDMAGIC Labs

See It All and Do More

A 6.8-inch true-full gaming screen delivers a vivid display plus the option to complete multiple tasks simultaneously or play a competitive 2-player game at a stable 58.1 FPS with the split screen function.

*All above data from REDMAGIC Labs

Keep Your Cool Logos
Game On

Premium Heat Management

The ICE 12.0 cooling system is enhanced with a High Thermal Conductivity Gel and Composite Graphene, so you can enjoy a 2°C drop in temperature during charging and overall phone usage, and a 1.3°C drop in the CPU temperature

Cooling Power x2

At 2068 mm³, the 8S Pro houses the largest VC cooling plate, which makes it twice as thick and doubles its efficiency.

Adjustable High-Speed Fan

The 20,000 rpm fan has an auto-active switch that detects gameplay, and you can tweak its speed to meet the demands of each game.

A Tangible Cooling Sensation

An improved graphene plate is integrated under the screen to dissipate heat from the source, optimizing the average heat capacity by 150% and keeping the screen tangibly cool.

Gaming Like Logos
You've Never Seen

Bezel-less True Full-Screen

960 Hz

Multi-finger Touch Sampling Rate

120 Hz

Refresh Rate

1300 Nits

Peak Brightness


Inch Screen

400 Pixels

Per Inch

ΔE < 1

Color Accuracy

1440 Hz

PWM Dimming

*Above data from REDMAGIC Labs

Unstoppable Endurance

The tried and trusted 6000 mAh dual-cell battery keeps you gassed up all day, plus the 65W super-fast charger goes from 0-100 in 35 minutes to ensure you're always ready to leap into the next level.

Mesmerizing Audio Precision

1216+1115K super linear dual speakers in a closed box structure deliver surround sound, deep bass, and an optimized audio experience certified by DTS:X Ultra. The 5 layer magnetic speakers ensure audio fidelity and an enticing audio experience.

A Competitive


1. Loading screen and data transmission speeds may vary from user to user due to external factors and what applications are used.
2. Actual performance may vary depending on external conditions.
3. Observable Wi-Fi speeds may vary due to external conditions such as the quality of the local network.
4. Product images are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary.
5. Data from REDMAGIC Labs.

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