Operation Status

Knowing is half the battle, check out the video to learn all you can about RedMagic. Come back 1st April for the next mission and see the 5 power bank winners.


Participants can win a prize in a lucky draw, win a new RedMagic 5G to test run if they prove to be the best, or they can even win both if they are very lucky.

$10 gift card for the RedMagic online store

Brand new pair of Noobz Earphones

Test run of the brand new RedMagic 5G

$50 gift card for the RedMagic online store

Exclusive RedMagic power bank

Winners List

Congratulations to our winners who will receive a $10 gift card after the completion of MVP Operation: RedMagic!

chen hao daniele


Connor Takeshita

William Salvatore Genco



Perry Mason

David Kadron

Michael pepper

Aziz Bouyhy

Dony Dnc

Alex Cockbain

Luis Cortes Gomes

Tristan Burley

Antonio Caliandro

Jason Zou

Caleb Barr

Andrew Millers

Oscar de jesus


Adam Been

Takashi Kunihiro

Alexander Villalobos

Nils Jaspers

Monchito Marin

Toussaint Arnaud

Ryan McGovern

Joey Gonzalez

Gerald Sagaoinit Dolot

Carson Scott

*The REDMAGIC team has the final interpretation right of this online event.