Elite Specs for
Elite Gaming

*Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

The Ultimate Gaming Design


Ultra Smooth Ultra Responsive

Every millisecond matters. The REDMAGIC 6 Pro pairs the world’s fastest refresh rate with an ultra-responsive touch sampling rate of up to 500Hz touch response for the smoothest, most responsive mobile gaming experience ever. You’ll see and even feel the difference.

  • 165Hz

    Ultra-High Refresh Rate

    Adaptive Refresh Rate

    60Hz. 90Hz. 120Hz. 165Hz

  • 500Hz

    Single Touch Sampling Rate


    Multi-Touch Sampling Rate

Impeccable Visuals

Vivid colors and a razor-sharp resolution take your favorite games to new heights with some of the most stunning visuals in mobile gaming. With SGS’s anti-smear and Eye Care certifications your screen stays clear and smear-free, so you never lose the competitive edge and you can keep winning games for hours without fear of harming your eyes.

  • 10-Bit

    Stunning depth of color

  • 6.8” AMOLED

    For gamer’s comfort

  • 630 nits

    Peak brightness

  • 20:9

    FHD+ 2400*1080

  • DCI-P3

    Professional color gamut

Pro Performance

The next generation of performance is here, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 mobile platform, with its Adreno™ 660 graphics, and full suite of Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ technologies. Play the most intensive games the way they are meant to be enjoyed.


Up to 2.84GHz, with Arm Cortex-X1 technology

Up to
performance improvement


HDR 10bit gaming, HDR Playback Codec support

Up to
performance improvement

Elite Gaming™

Variable Rate Shading for 30% performance increase

Up to
faster responsiveness

AI Engine

The 6th generation Qualcomm AI Engine astonishes with up to 26 TOPS performance.


performance improvement

Blazing Fast Speeds

Load up applications and save faster with Magic Write 2.0. It improves the write and read speeds for data and files as much as 10 times. So that on average, starting a game up for the first time can be as fast as just 16.11 seconds and loading screens can be as fast as 17 seconds¹.

wifi 6e + 5g

Wi-Fi 6E
A New Era Of Wi-Fi

Speed your way through the net and games with the latest and fastest Wi-Fi tech yet. By making use of the 6GHz range you can now reach speeds of up to 3.6 Gbps³. Awesomely stable and with low latency, great for gaming it up.

Keep your lead with lightning fast 5G

Load into your games faster than before or stream your favorite videos in an instant.Want to upload your game-winning plays? Upload at gigabit speeds over 5G and show the world why you’re the best.


When you’re in the zone, your only real enemy is overheating. Inspired by gaming PCs and F1 super racing cars, our ICE 6.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System combines 7 different heat transfer and cooling methods to create a better than flagship level of cooling system. Where other devices will start lagging mid-game, the REDMAGIC 6 Pro will keep going at max performance.

Dual-core Ice Dock

Go a step further and complete the ultimate cooling solution with the new Dual-core Ice Dock. As the name implies, it is a dual system with dual fans and dual semiconductors for improved cooling. Not only does it keep the phone cool, but it looks cool too with its RGB lights and wing-shaped design, it’s a no-holds-bar cooling machine. Pair up with Bluetooth to control the fan and lights to fit your style and cooling needs.


Pro shoulder triggers

Play at your best and dominate the leaderboards with real controls that you control! With a 400Hz touch refresh rate and fully customizable for every game, it’s time to play games the way they are meant to be played.

2 Built-in Shoulder
Trigger Buttons
Touch Sampling Rate


With the slide of the dedicated Gamespace switch, enter your own dedicated gaming hub. Organize your games, fine-tune performance settings, monitor stats and more for ultimate gaming control.

Shoulder Trigger
App Overlay
Game Enhancement

Immersive Audio

Hear everything with great, crystal clear clarity for an immersive experience in your games, videos, or movies. Using DTS Ultra X surround sound, the REDMAGIC 6 Pro can accurately simulate directional sound from a game or movie for total audio immersion.

5050mAh Battery
Quick charging

You asked. We delivered. Our largest battery ever, the REDMAGIC 6 Pro’s high-performance 5050mAh battery allows you to game for hours on a single charge. Now get ready to go the extra distance for that extra hour of game time with 5050mAh. Then, get right back into the games even faster than before with a 30W quick charger and can support up to 66W quick charging.

Triple Camera

For those moments when seeing is believing, the REDMAGIC 6 Pro’s triple camera setup will help you record and capture all your best moments. Always enjoy great picture quality at any time of day.

  1. Loading screen and data transmission speeds may vary from user to user due to external factors and what applications are used.
  2. Number of TOPS was observed by Qualcomm’s when testing the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 in a controlled environment.
  3. Observable Wi-Fi speeds may vary due to external conditions such as the quality of the local network.
  4. Product images are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary