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UDC Full Gaming Screen
Flagship Chip Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1
ICE 9.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System
960Hz Multi-finger Touch Sampling Rate

Stand Out And Show Off Your Power

If victory had a face, it would look like the REDMAGIC 7 Pro. A sleek transparent glass design lets you see the power encased within this beast of a gaming smartphone.

A True Full-screen Experience With An Under-display Camera

6.8 inch, no holes, no obstructions, full high-definition display. Supports up to 120 Hz screen refresh rate, and supports multiple automatic adjustments, for a more comprehensive visual experience for players.

6.8 inches

UDC Full-screen


Screen Refresh Rate




100% Wide Color Gamma

Specialized Pixel Array

HD Display

Fingerprint Sensor

Supports Heart Rate Monitoring

Multi-drive ACE Circuit

Innovative circuitry design, greatly increasing the light transmissivity of the area above the UDC, smoothing the transition of the UDC area and other regions of the screen.

7-layers of Highly Transparent Materials

Special OLED and an array of high-tech materials make the UDC areas more translucent and achieve better Selfies.

UDC Pro Screen Display Chip

Intelligent pixel enhancement and optimization for more precise imaging. The display effect is more accurate, synchronized, and consistency is better.

Wave Electrode

The industry's first wave-type electrode trace program reduces the diffraction generated by the light through complex graphics, effectively enhancing the image clarity.

Ding Type Pixel Arrangement

A specialized pixel arrangement that improves the display clarity over the UDC. While at the same time allowing more light through the display into the under-display camera for better selfies.

960Hz Multi-finger Touch Sampling Rate

With greater speeds comes greater control and reaction time in your games. Ideal for intense games like FPS games or fighting games, fast touch sampling is key.

Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1

Qualcomm’s latest and most powerful chip yet. The built-in Adreno GPU is now 25% more efficient and renders graphics 30% faster. Paired with Kryo CPU and 7th gen AI, it is 4 times faster*.




Up to


CPU clock speed

UFS 3.1



Up to


GPU performance improvement

Compared with previous processors


Efficiency improvement


Faster rendering


Processor enhancement

ICE 9.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System

Air-cooled heat dissipation + liquid cooling heat + new material application + air kinetic design.

The active heat dissipation is organically combined with passive heat dissipation, forming a multi-dimensional heat dissipation system, the effective heat dissipation area of the whole machine reaches 41279mm², effectively keeping the REDMAGIC 7 Pro running at peak performance.

Upgraded Air Channel

Specially made canyon airways, warhead alloy materials, and thermal conductivity increased by 100% to 400W/m·K, which greatly enhances heat dissipation performance. In addition, the back thermally conductive grating is designed, to enhance the air volume, adjust the air angle, and further improve heat dissipation performance.

Built-in High-speed Turbofan at 20,000RPM*
F1 Racing Engine Levels Of RPM


Increased airflow


Increased air pressure


Reduced noise

4 coils

Energy saving

Metal cover

Noise reduction


Built-in turbofan

Comprehensive Cold Liquid VC Cooling Plate

Large 4124mm² VC liquid cooling plate, increased by 300%, comprehensive upgrade of overall heat dissipation

Heat Dissipation Plate

Aviation grade aluminum REDMAGIC armor, for a faster heat dissipation channel.

Melding a Host of Cooling Technologies

Combination of immersive heat dissipation, with high-speed turbofan, rapid thermal conductivity and active cooling, core heat generating locations cooled by 5 degrees compared to previous generations*.

REDMAGIC Enhanced Performance

REDMAGIC Magic Write and Magic Read improves the overall read and write speeds. Write small files 10 times faster and increase application installation speed by 30%.

RAM Boost memory expansion technology: intelligently controls memory allocation to get the most out of the REDMAGIC’s RAM and memory.
LPDDR performance increased by more than 10%.

Red Core 1 Dedicated Gaming Chip

Unlike the Snapdragon system-on-a-chip, however, the Red Core 1 is designed to handle mobile gaming functions that aren’t directly related to graphics or higher frame rates. The chip will take responsibility for processing audio, RGB lighting, and haptic feedback, leaving the Snapdragon SOC to handle mobile games, applications, and other tasks.

Double X-axis Motor

Symmetric dual X-axis linear motors, for a stronger vibration and more accurate touch feedback and gaming experience.

500HZ Dual Shoulder Triggers

Get a real gaming experience with REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s dual shoulder triggers. With a 500Hz touch sampling rate, their response rate is as fast as 8ms so you can have a true video gaming experience.

RGB Gaming Lights

16.8 million colors, 4096 levels of brightness, custom light effects, symmetric layout. Sound and light synchronization algorithms, immersive gaming experience.

*RGB Gaming Lights are only for Obsidian.

Dual Stereo Speakers

Certified by the leading industry authority, DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound.

Enjoy loud, high-quality surround sound with double smart PA, high power stereo speakers.

65W GaN Fast Charge With 5000mAh Big Battery

Out of power? Take a break, grab a snack, and by the time you’re back, you’ll be charged up again to go another round! REDMAGIC has updated to the 65W GaN fast charger for the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, a lightweight, small, and safe fast-charging brick that is also compatible with a wide variety of devices.


Support 120 FPS wireless projection. Take your mobile gaming onto your PC. Enjoy mouse and keyboard controls for a better gaming experience.

Screen Projection + High Quality + Low Latency


64MP Ultra-high Resolution AI Triple Camera System

Take amazing photos and crisp 4k HD videos with the rear ultra-wide-angle 64M pixel ultra high-res AI triple camera system.