Flagship Chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 | 165Hz High Refresh Rate Gaming Screen | ICE 8.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System | 500Hz Dual Shoulder Triggers

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Solid device that is good at gaming but nothing else, customer service needs improvements

About the phone:

This device was built for one thing, which is to play games, all hardware and software were designed to accomplish this goal and so far they are doing it well. Coming from a phone that can barely run games like Genshin (can't even reach stable 30 FPS), is a night-and-day difference, now I can turn all the setting to ultra and the RM7 doesn't break a sweat to maintain the 60 FPS all the way.

The touch screen is responsive when playing fast-paced action games, though the difference in different touch sampling rates are not very noticeable. The difference in screen refresh rate is noticeable(outside of games) up to 120hz, however inside games refresh rate above 120 is not very useful, as only a handful of games support the highly advertised 165hz refresh rate, so unless the game supports the feature, most of the time is just a gimmick that brings no benefit to the user experience.

The shoulder buttons are quite responsive, and the tactile feedback does bring a little console gaming feel to the mobile phone, however due to their placement is possible to mistakenly touch them while holding the phone, which might cause you to skip a dialogue or two in some games(good thing the feature can be turned on/off at will while inside the game).

The sound quality of the speakers are ok, nothing spectacular about them, use a headphone or Bluetooth speaker if you want the best experience.

The phone does run hot when under load, however is never too hot to hold, the cooling fan does work to a certain extent, but the noise is noticeable if you are not using the headphone. It does move some hot air out of the phone, however it only helps lowering the temperature a little, I believe the attachable cooling fan can do a much better job than the onboard one (thus they are trying to convince you to buy one with the phone). The major downside of the onboard fan is that it makes the phone highly susceptible to dust and liquid penetration, thus making it less suitable for a daily driver, or even a regular phone, as you need to treat it like a laptop or a handheld console, don't bring it to the bathroom or any where that has water/liquid, you don't want to risk it 'catching' water.

The battery is kind underwhelming on the base model, while running demanding games like Genshin it drains battery quickly, you would lose 50% of the charge within 2 hours. The fast charging works as advertised, but it does make the phone hot if you are using it while charging(it does have a power-only mode, which makes the phone only use the power from the cable, but not charging the battery, to help reduce heat buildup so they say).

The camera is just there for the sake of be there, the picture quality is standard and nothing to talk about, I would say is really useless on a gaming phone, as few would like to bring this device outside of home, without risking damages like falling/bumping and dust/liquid, besides the short battery life means it can't stay far from its charger.

The OS and the supporting software are average to say the least, I haven't experienced any glitches yet but they do need some refinement. The gaming centre is useful as it lets you adjust settings on the fly, and it remember the settings for different games, which saves you the time to reconfigure everything.

To sum it up, this phone is exactly what the manufacturer claimed; it plays games and does it well, however for anything else you are better off with other phones, as device with this kind of setup really should not be a phone, but a handheld/console hybrid, kind like the Nintendo Switch, I would say the SteamDeck is a much better choice for the money. Still just for the mobile gaming part the RM7 is a solid device that can last you years, as game requirements are not growing at the same rate as the chip sets capabilities, so you can be sure this 'phone' is good for at least another 5 years, if not more. (For last-gen consoles like PS4 are still capable to run modern games 9 years into their life-cycle)

About the customer service:

This is another story, when I placed the order I assumed it would only take a few days to ship the product, however in my case my order was kind 'lost' in their system, as no updates were given after the initial purchase confirmation. During this time no one from the customer support ever contacted me about the issue, it was me that first reached out to them about the delay, the only reply I got was 'to wait for the update email once the product ships', it was not helpful, to say the least.

Thing only got better when I demanded a better response, at the threat of cancelling the order. Suddenly the item was shipped, and it was received within a few days. In the end I got what I wanted, but I was not impressed with their customer service, I just hope my device won't have any warranty-related issues, as I believe it would be a long process before anything can get done.

Red magic 7

It was pretty good overall

Experienced technical issuea

2 times since I brought the phone he started to lag and rebooting himself without a reason (like I was just watching yt). Never experienced similar things on other devices


Phone has no problem and does not lag when I play genshin or other games

everything is good if i got enough battery to use it

fast, smooth, fluid but battery can't last, so can't use fancy features like 165Hz screen refresh, LED mood lights

REDMAGIC 7 Gaming Smartphone

Fast Forward To Victory with the latest and most powerful gaming smartphone from REDMAGIC. Boosted by the all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a super-fast 165Hz screen, race to the top of the leader boards.



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    Category   Warranty period    

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    Accessory  12 months


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    Phone         12 months           

    Accessory    6 months


    Global store:

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    Phone          12 months           
    Accessory     6 months

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    Yes, we will send extra adaptors for orders from Asia Pacific (and it’s conversion head for Australia), so that will fit your country standard.