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Explore the Hidden Gems: High-Graphics Games to Try Out on Your REDMAGIC

Explore the Hidden Gems: High-Graphics Games to Try Out on Your REDMAGIC

Every gamer has a handful of their favorite titles they can always count on for entertainment. They can effortlessly start playing that trusted game when no one is paying attention because it’s just that good. You know, the PUBGs, CODMs, and Candy Crushes of the world.

However, there comes a time when even your favorites need to take a back seat to new adventures, because the journey of starting a new game and the possibility of leveling up in a different game is intriguing, especially for the true adventurer. And what better way to take on a new adventure than on your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone? 

We’ve compiled a list of beautiful games to try out on your REDMAGIC that you might not have heard of yet or just forgot about. The recommendations come from fellow REDMAGIC gamers on Reddit, so you can be sure they’ve been tried on a REDMAGIC. 


REDMAGIC Gives You a Leg-Up


The thing about beautiful games and all their demanding graphics is how draining they can be on your battery. All those demands are also notorious for causing devices to overheat during gameplay, and ultimately causing you to lag. Some of the games could also be enjoyed better on emulation or with a controller, and these are all things that can take away from the joy of mobile gaming. 

Fortunately, that won’t be a problem if you’re playing on REDMAGIC. The REDMAGIC 8 and 9 series sport 6000 and 6500 mAh of battery life respectively, perfect for extended gaming sessions. The extended gameplay is also supported by the built-in cooling mechanism which has been upgraded in the REDMAGIC 9 Pro with a 22000 RPM turbofan, a first of its kind. Lastly, the X-gravity platform delivers seamless connectivity to external devices like emulators and monitors to give you an elevated experience of games with higher graphics.


Star Wars: Hunters



We’re expecting a 2024 release of the Star Wars: Hunters series, but until then, the one that’s currently available boasts high-resolution graphics that are best enjoyed on a device with a screen that can take on the demand. 

Star Wars: Hunters is a competitive arena combat game for Nintendo Switch, and because it has the potential for a massive frame rate drop when running on mobile, it’s one of the games that are best enjoyed on an emulator. Check out this detailed blog of some of the best emulators to use with your REDMAGIC.


Arena Breakout



If you’re trying to take a break from your PUBG or CODM life but would still like to keep the same competitive energy, then you can try Arena Breakout. It boasts detailed visuals that will have you immersed in the game from start to finish, featuring unique game mechanics that help you keep track of all your loot.

It features most of the controls that are already familiar from other FPS games, so your skills won’t go to waste when you’re using the REDMAGICs shoulder triggers to make your kill shots. While this game is developed for playing on Android and iOS, older systems may struggle to keep up with its demands and it’s one of the games that are best enjoyed on a capable beast like the REDMAGIC 8 or 9 series.


Lone Wolf


One of the older games on this list, Lone Wolf delivers rich graphics that cater to the gamer’s imagination with intense battles and a storyline that’s an adaptation of the books by Joe Dever which are way less popular than the game. 

The game’s graphics offer a lot of attention to detail which can be appreciated more on a modern high-resolution screen like the REDMAGIC has compared to the screens of 2015 when the game was initially released.


My Friend Pedro


My Friend Pedro is a riveting and intense ballet that blends elements of violence and profound themes of friendship, imagination, and the relentless determination of a single character effortlessly. It’s another one of the games on the list that may be a forgotten favorite that’ll truly come alive with all the features offered on REDMAGIC.


Escape the Comfort Zone and Elevate Your Experience


As you explore these hidden gems, let the REDMAGIC be your trusted companion, ensuring an unparalleled gaming journey that transcends expectations and elevates your gaming experience.

Do you have any more games that you think the REDMAGIC community needs to know about? 


Leave the suggestions on the REDMAGIC subreddit so we can explore them together. And when you’re ready to get back to your favorites, REDMAGIC will be there to deliver the same outstanding experience to all your most treasured games. Armor up and get gaming!