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Accessories to Take Your REDMAGIC Gaming Experience Further

Believe it or not, the full potential of your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone goes beyond its hardware and software capabilities, which are impressive on their own across all generations. 

Our latest flagship, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, has been hailed as one of the fastest and most powerful gaming phones available thanks to its features. These include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, complemented by a rapid 120 Hz screen refresh rate and 960 Hz touch sampling rate that ensure smooth gaming, a massive 6500 mAh battery that keeps everything powered, and a one of a kind internal cooling system. However, with the right accessories, you can take your gaming experience and the performance of your REDMAGIC 9 Pro, as well as that of older REDMAGIC models to even greater heights. 

From immersive audio and precise control, to enhancements that deliver longer and more comfortable gaming sessions, there are a handful of accessories you can add to your collection to make gaming on your REDMAGIC even better.  

Let's explore the accessories that’ll help you get the most out of your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone. 


More Precision, More Control 


In addition to the powerful screen refresh and touch sampling rate of the gaming smartphone, REDMAGIC devices also feature unique shoulder triggers that transform the regular mobile phone into a portable gaming console. The  experience is taken a step further when you attach a gamepad or utilize a wireless controller. 

What is currently one of the most popular mobile games, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is revered for being incredibly fast paced, and gamers are advised to add a controller to their mobile gaming setup for the most satisfying experience. REDMAGIC has a couple of great options to choose from. 


REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 

Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, both gamers and tech reviewers agree that the REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 is absolutely designed to enhance your mobile gaming experience. It looks and feels like a traditional controller to give you a familiar grip on a different platform. It features Hall Effect Sticks that make the gamepad more durable, and an interchangeable case design that lets you switch up the appearance seamlessly. 

It’s been praised in reviews on Reddit, Amazon and tech review sites like Pocket Gamer with gamers highlighting its sleek design, compatibility, and immersive gameplay delivery. 


REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad

The REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad was designed alongside the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, and like its newer counterpart, it’s also compatible with a variety of smartphones that use a  Type-C port. The game pad from the previous generation adopts our iconic transparent and squared off design which pairs stunningly with its corresponding flagship device. 

The original REDMAGIC Shadowblade Gamepad does not disappoint, whether we’re talking about the way it lets you customize and execute moves, the way it delivers the most satisfying mechanical clicks, or the way it looks.


More Immersive Audio 


A good pair of gaming headphones delivers immersive audio by providing rich, detailed sound that pulls you deeper into the gaming world. With precise directional audio, you can pinpoint the slightest in-game movements, enhancing your situational awareness and giving you a competitive edge. 


REDMAGIC Cyberbuds Dao TWS

The REDMAGIC Cyberbuds Dao TWS boast a distinctive transparent design reminiscent of our iconic smartphones. They come with a unique asymmetric charging dock that enables wireless charging, and features customizable RGB lights you can control with a special knob that also serves as a volume dial. The buds themselves sport an ergonomic design for extended gaming comfort, showcasing the mechanism and lights within. 

Powered by a flagship Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.3 chipset with a dual-core 240 MHz processor, these buds ensure a faster, stable connection with low latency and anti-jamming. They offer enhanced sound across various devices, whether gaming on a smartphone, PC, or console.


Comfort During Extended Gaming Sessions 


Accessories like cooling attachments and fast chargers play a crucial role in enhancing comfort and preventing overheating during extended gaming sessions. Together, these accessories create an optimized gaming environment, allowing you to focus on your gameplay without distractions or interruptions caused by overheating or low battery life.


REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro

While REDMAGIC smartphones come with built-in cooling mechanisms, the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro revolutionizes smartphone cooling technology ensuring your phone stays cool even during intense gaming sessions. With features like the large VC Liquid Cooling Plate and a powerful 7-blade fan, it effectively dissipates heat to maintain optimal performance.

Offering more than one attachment option, low noise operation, and AI-powered thermal control, our latest coole attachment enhances user experience and comfort for gamers and content creators alike. Plus, its user-friendly interface and customizable RGB lighting options add a unique touch to your gaming setup.


REDMAGIC DAO 150 GaN Charger

The REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger is the perfect combination of power and style to level up your gaming experience. This charger is a powerhouse and a complete charging hub that sports that cool REDMAGIC transparent design. 

It pumps out a massive 150W of power, perfect for quickly juicing up all your accessories, like the gamepad and smartphone, simultaneously. It features dual USB-C ports and a USB-A port that ensure you can charge multiple devices at full speed. The built-in LCD screen provides real-time updates on your charging status so you can keep an eye on how much juice you’re using constantly.


Are You Ready for Enhanced Gaming?


From precise control to immersive audio and comfort during extended gaming sessions, this range of accessories are built to enhance your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone and gaming experience. Whether it's the REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 for a familiar gaming grip, the REDMAGIC Cyberbuds Dao TWS for immersive audio, or the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro for effective heat dissipation, each accessory adds value to your gaming setup.

Additionally, with powerful accessories like the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger ensuring all your devices and accessories stay powered up at all times, you can focus on gaming without interruptions. Incorporating these accessories into your gaming arsenal unlocks new levels of performance and enjoyment on your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone, whichever one you may be rolling with. So what are you waiting for? Take your gaming experience to new heights, now.